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Organization of All-inclusive aero-trips

Aero-Trip for pilot

Our Aero-Trip service offers an all-inclusive formula so that you only have to worry about your pleasure of flying.

We organize and pay for you accommodation in comfortable hotels, meals in local restaurants, visits to museums and sites of interest. All organization and services are included in the price.


Rich and varied itineraries

Each Aero-Trip is carefully prepared to offer you an unforgettable experience. Our itineraries will make you discover the most beautiful landscapes of France, from its majestic coasts to its picturesque mountains, passing through its green valleys and its cities steeped in history.


Meet enthusiasts

Aero-Trips are also a wonderful opportunity to meet other pilots who share the same passion. Share your experiences and make connections while enjoying an extraordinary adventure.

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Upcoming Events

  • Saison 2024 en préparation
    Saison 2024 en préparation
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    Heure à définir
    Lieu à définir
    Heure à définir
    Lieu à définir
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